Server Administration

Server Management

Our company is engaged in a wide range of work on the administration of linux servers. For the convenience of clients, there is a list of one-time jobs, as well as constant maintenance of servers.

One-time jobs

Performing one-time server administration tasks

  • Initial server setup with or without a panel.
  • Installing and configuring web, mail, file, and other services(www, ftp, dns, dhcp etc....)
  • Configuring the server for virtual (shared) hosting (ISPmsnsger, Cpanel).
  • Installing virtualization systems KVM, OpenVZ with or without a panel(VMmanager, Proxmox).
  • Building high availability clusters(High-Availability cluster, HA cluster).
  • Creation of monitoring systems(zabbix etc...).
  • Server optimization for specific client tasks.
  • Installing various server control panels.
  • Configuring RAID arrays and working with data.
  • Configure Distributed File Systems(GlusteFS, Ceph).
  • Diagnosing and resolving problems.
  • Recovery after server crashes.

Server Maintenance

Server administration on an ongoing basis


  • Hours: 3
  • Server Audit: Once a month
  • Monitoring: No
  • Initial setup: 40$


  • Hours: 6
  • Server Audit: Every 2 weeks
  • Monitoring: Yes
  • Initial setup: 40$


  • Hours: 10
  • Server Audit: Weekly
  • Monitoring: Yes
  • Initial setup: +

How it works

Formulation of the problem

You set tasks that need to be completed. We look at the complexity and projected execution time, calculate the cost.

Payment for services

If you are satisfied with everything, you pay for the service and we start the task.

Task completion

Get the perfect job done by our professional administrators.