Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Hosting provider and domain name registrar WOLF ISP respects the rights of its subscribers to the safety and non-disclosure of personal information. This Privacy Policy is a document that is mandatory for all employees of WOLF ISP.

Personal Information-collection and use

The process of registering domain names, hosting service accounts, SSL certificates and other services of WOLF ISP provides for the provision of personal information about the potential owner of the rights to a particular service. At the same time, the data identifying the user is open and can be published in publicly available sources (for example, WHOIS databases of domain names).

At the same time, information that relates to issues of economic and/or commercial cooperation between the subscriber of WOLF ISP and WOLF ISP itself – the number of services ordered, registered domain names, payment amounts, terms and conditions for completing orders, usernames and passwords for managing services, etc. — are confidential. This information is not sold/transferred to third parties under any circumstances (an exception can only be made by a court decision in a legal manner).


The WOLF ISP website may host banners, links and other types of online advertising. The management of WOLF ISP carefully approaches the selection of business partners, choosing only the best offers on the market. At the same time, the hosting provider and domain name registrar WOLF ISP cannot be held responsible for the content of the information, the general business practices of these resources, as well as their privacy policy.

Interaction with subscribers

WOLF ISP is committed to establishing close partnerships with its subscribers. For this purpose, contests, surveys, lotteries and other interactive events may be held on the site from time to time.

The data collected during such events are confidential and can only be published with the written permission of the users who provided them. Without the need to obtain permission, only general, effective, depersonalized statistical data of a contest, survey, lottery or other interactive event can be published.

Service information

Hosting provider and domain name registrar WOLF ISP can distribute to its subscribers service information about existing and new products and services, payments, technical events, etc. At the same time, the subscriber has the opportunity to disable the delivery of distributed service information by e-mail, SMS messages or direct notification by phone.

The address and contact databases of WOLF ISP customers are not sold or transferred to third parties under any conditions (except for a clear and unambiguous court decision in a legal manner).


This Privacy Policy is not final and may be amended and supplemented. All changes to the Privacy Policy will be notified to customers by e-mail or other channels for the dissemination of Official Information.


If you have any questions regarding the confidentiality of WOLF ISP subscribers ‘ data, please contact:

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